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Preconception - Building your nest
by Jill Chasse

A thought, a twinkle and a loving dream. The miracle of conception begins way before sperm meets egg and cells begin to divide. The miracle starts in the soul and in the heart. Each month your body prepares itself for a child, but circumstances don't always welcome it into being. Before you can achieve conception, your body-mind-spirit connection must be ready and at ease. What other factors are around you now? Stress can creep up on you from the tiniest places, hiding in the dark ready to make its attack. Be aware of the whole picture.

There are so many ways, methods and techniques to help you conceive. Research, read and talk to other women about the ways that have helped them, then use what you feel drawn to. Get to know your body and understand your fertility. If you understand why and how it makes it easier to work with and through. Tracking your basal body temperature, for example, knowing your body's temperature at rest allows you to see the temperature slightly rise after the time of ovulation. Since it is after, you'll have to extrapolate to where this rise would be to see when you're ovulating. It takes several months to get a pattern to down, but use can use these months wisely following a preconception diet and exercise plan.

Knowing your cervical mucous is also a great way to see if your body is ready. By the texture and amount of the fluid that your body releases, you can tell when you are ready to accept sperm to create an offspring. If you insert your pointer and middle finders to the opening of your cervix, you will feel either a sticky or slimy mucous. Squeeze your cervix slightly and capture some of that fluid to examine. If it is cloudy and scare, you are not ovulating. It is thick, acidic and harsh on those little sperm. They're not going to get anywhere in that fluid. When you are near ovulation, estrogen increases and the mucous will be just that- mucous, like a raw egg white. It will be clearer and more abundant. When you are able to stretch a thin gelly thread for an inch between two fingers, it is at the perfect state to let those sperm swim happily around and find (and get sucked into) your egg.

Any type of pre-conception planning has to have your full heart and follow-through. Don't be over anxious, nervous, angry or frustrated it the method you choose isn't at all as you imagined. Relax and let yourself be open. A comfortable way will come to you.
Take this time to strengthen your relationship, build your nest. When you are ready, your egg will drop into it. Treat your body as a garden whether you've achieved conception yet or not. Prepare for the beautiful plant that will soon grow in that rich, strong soil.

Dr. Jill Diana Chasse is maternal/child public health practitioner, an author and a counselor. Jill has been working with the mother-baby dyad in birth and psychology for over 20 years.

She has studied midwifery at both Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute and Institute of Holistic Midwifery, holds Master's degrees in Psychology and Public Administration, and a Doctorate in Health Administration.  

Personally, she loves the ocean, skiing, horseback riding, and cuddling up with her kids, hot coffee and a good book in front of a fireplace on a snowy evening.

Currently, she works in public health for the federal government and teaches classes for the Childbearing Year at Wise Woman University, online, including the childbirth education method she founded, BEBE- Baby-Empowered Birthing Education.

Listen to a 30 minute radio interview with Jill Diana Chasse

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Baby Magic for your Magic Baby
By Jill Diana Chasse

Baby Magic is a Spiritual Guide to Motherhood. Beginning before conception, Baby Magic guides a woman on her magical journey of becoming a mother.


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