JULY 2017
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Timeless Wisdom: The Feminine Way ...
Written & Illustrated By Roslyne Sophia Breillat
Excerpt From Womb Of Wisdom, The Sacred Journey Of Menopause

There is no place for the bondage of the world within this unique journey into power. For the world is born of time and it does not belong in this place of no time. When a woman enters this timeless realm of her menopausal rebirth, she will discover many, many things. She will have myriad insights. She will gather much wisdom into the purification of her heart. And she will discover that she is no longer aligned with who she thought she was, who others expect her to be or who society dictates her to be. If she remains softly and courageously open, she will discover she is not her physical body, she is not her chronological age, she is not her feelings or her thoughts. And she will discover that her true essence is not born of time. If she continues to live from the intuitive wisdom of this exquisite place, she will discover that She, the timeless female spirit, is the profound void of all creation, the ancient mystery of the womb essence, the powerful darkness that immortally births all life.

The contemporary woman lives in a society, insidiously addicted to the incessant demands of time, whilst it simultaneously runs an illusory race against time. Instead of trusting her body's natural ability to awaken with the rising sun and to slowly and sensuously embrace the dawning day she relies upon the jarring call of alarm clocks to shock her from peaceful slumber. She then rushes from one appointment to another, from one timetable to another, from one place to another. This creates discordant waves of stress in her body and her psyche, through suppressing her natural timeless flow and her innate capacity to freely embrace each moment. She is then unable to enjoy the spontaneous universal flow that is aligned with the natural undulation of her feminine rhythm.

For a woman's body and psyche are attuned to an intrinsically flowing way of living and being that dances, moves and breathes with the timeless essence of Mother Earth's ever changing cycles. Whenever this natural rhythm is disrupted, ignored or suppressed through trying to fit her natural rhythm into too many stressful schedules, into too many structured routines, into too much rushing and forcing and trying to please, she loses touch with this spontaneous dance of her timeless feminine flow. And whenever she relies upon the unnatural suppression of pharmaceutical drugs or the deadening force of unnecessary medical intervention, she lose faith in the instinctive knowing of her body's intuitive healing power and the natural intelligence of her womb's immortal wisdom. Whenever she defers to any misuse of masculine authority or to any artificial ways of eating and living and doing and being, she becomes disconnected from the timeless wisdom of her body, the sacred love of the Earth and the inherent truth of her feminine power.

Whenever she is emotionally attached to others' ideas of how she should live her life, or to anything at all that creates havoc with her natural cyclic flow, she loses all connection with her innate sense of harmony. And she forgets her ability to trust her timeless essence. For a woman's inherent place rests sweetly and powerfully within the exquisite mystery of the timeless. This place of infinite beauty nurtures her from within in myriad ways inexplicable to the rational linear mind. And whenever she unites with the vastness of this formless place, she knows real confidence, fulfilment, real joy.

Whenever she softly surrenders to the life giving power of this place, she is nurtured by a strength and purpose of true femaleness. Whenever she heeds the intuitive guidance that emanates from this place, she embraces the bounty of her timeless wisdom, authority and power. She then knows the blessedness of true contentment and she knows the blessedness of true peace. When she is naturally aligned with this timeless inner source of her wise and gentle feminine spirit, she instinctively knows when, how, why and where to look at facts, figures, schedules, timetables, diaries and clocks.

Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the Earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and courageous writer whose creative work features in many international websites and magazines and her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires. Sophia is the author of two books, WOMB OF WISDOM, THE SACRED JOURNEY OF MENOPAUSE and HEART OF THE EARTH, NURTURING THE SACRED FEMININE. Both of these books can be ordered directly from sophia@wildheartwisdom.com

Email: sophia@wildheartwisdom.com
Website: www.wildheartwisdom.com

Sophia offers two courses at the Wise Woman University:

~ Being Woman ~ (detailed description of Being Woman online course)

This six week online course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. "...so blessed to have had gentle words of encouragement and support from you through the "Being Woman" course at W.W.U.... You have inspired me to continue my quest... Thanks so much!"

~ Dawning of Wisdom ~ (detailed description of Dawning of Wisdom online course)

Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation.

"I LOVE your class, it is beautiful and thought provoking and well done... Thank you Sophia for your role as wisdom keeper, confidante and mentor."



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