JULY 2018
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Healing Your Chakras
by Catherine Bastedo
Do you think your chakras are clear and healthy? Do you nourish them? Or are your chakras neglected, sluggish, and weighed down or blocked? Are you aware of their health? And how can you tell what shape they are in?

In the Healing Your Chakras class, I will help you answer some of these questions. You will come to know your chakras, and become friends with them by really "seeing" them and paying attention to them! Looking after your chakras can be fun and just requires a bit of your time, and a little discipline! Most of us have a hard time doing all the things that are good for us – eating the right foods, exercising, sleeping enough, drinking the water we need, and so on. And this, just on the physical side! It's also a challenge to relax our minds, release negative emotional patterns, and connect regularly with Spirit.

Even on holidays it can take a while. When I take a vacation, for example, first I sleep a lot and let my body recover. I have very vivid dreams, sometimes for nights on end – my mind is processing and letting go. Then I relax... I say to myself, "OK, so now I'm rested, what should I do?" And I try to catch up and be productive. Finally, I reach the point where I can tell myself that it's alright not to do something. I allow myself to just be. At this stage my most creative thoughts come, new ideas pop up, fresh ways of seeing old stories come to light. I feel forgiving and grateful. Although a holiday can be a luxury, the same process can happen at home with just a few moments a day of being, of meditating, of working with your chakras.

The Healing Your Chakras class will help you learn to stop mind chatter and find a still spot from where you can see your true heart and the beauty of who you are. You will nurture your inner spirit, explore new patterns in your life and new attitudes, and listen to the wise counsel of your inner voice.

Please join me on this fascinating journey. Read about chakras; try some physical and mental exercises; do some short meditations. Send me your thoughts and the results of your exercises and I will comment back to you and provide my best help. You will sense which of your chakras needs more help. And you may discover some parts of yourself that you have not seen for a long time! The idea is to not judge yourself, but to nurture yourself and learn to be your own best friend. Clear chakras facilitate healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Catherine Bastedo, M.A., Reiki Teacher Trainer, Canadian Reiki Association, Teacher Wise Woman Mentor for Healing Your Chakras, author of Bird Vibes.

Catherine Bastedo is a Usui-Holographic Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher, international speaker, author and leader of retreats and workshops. She is a Wellness Coach at the Maplesoft Centre for Cancer Survivors. Catherine helps clients develop their inner guidance using a holistic, intuitive approach. She is also the author of Bird Vibes, a meditation deck based on the chakras and our connection to birds and nature.  This deck helps deepen our understanding of our spiritual path and provides helpful messages.  

Catherine held various leadership roles in the Canadian Public Service and then was Executive Director of the International Council for Canadian Studies. Her clients and students appreciate the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, empathy, experience and love of nature that she brings to her classes and sessions.

Website: www.visionreiki.com ~ Email: cbastedo@visionreiki.com

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