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Returning to the feminine, Returning to the earth
Part Two

written & illustrated by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

 This materialistic civilisation, as it forcefully heads towards its own destruction, must pay an enormous karmic price for deeply wounding the feminine, for deeply wounding the Earth, for deeply abusing and misusing the true power and authority of the sacred masculine. These deep wounds have separated and isolated woman from the power, wisdom and sacredness of her womb, her ancient blood mysteries, her inherent affinity with the mysterious magic of the Earth's secrets, causing competition, aggression, anger, sorrow, addiction and despair to enter the heart space of her female womb wisdom and the sacred depths of her female psyche.

   The sacred feminine is love's innate mystery, her heart is love and her womb is love, yet the sacred feminine has no authentic place in this greed-filled war-zone of the patriarchal world, for her only true place is in union with the sacred womb of her beloved Mother Earth. For a woman to live in this destructive world, she is required to live from an outer masculine place of direction, aiming, survival and striving, instead of from her true inner place of surrender, peace and love. And in order to "survive" in this world, she has imbibed negative masculine habits, traits, actions, ideas, thoughts, words and deeds that do not naturally arise from or belong in her heart, her womb, her body, her psyche.

   Her naturally cyclic way is the lunar way, the simple, wise and mystical way of the Earth's transformational seasons and planetary cycles, where many of her gifts are mysteriously quiet, gentle, peaceful, unseen, completely offered in sacredness and trust. Her wild weeds and herbal plant medicine offer the healing balms of the Earth, her sexual cycles are natural, sensual, celestial, mysterious, practical and wise. Her ways are the ways for the adults, for the children, for communities, for the Earth and her creatures, plants, flowers, trees, yet many of her people are now so hopelessly, ignorantly and unknowingly lost in a loveless abyss of overwhelming accumulation, incessant busyness and clever cyberspace. Stifled and imprisoned by the confining ways of the material world, separated from each other and from the Earth, they live within a robotic existence of addiction, entertainment and the horror stories of the six o'clock news. Through forgetting her ancient cyclic wisdom, they have lost touch with her natural beauty and have no desire to return to, acknowledge or honour her sacredness as the sacredness of all life.    

   And yet, our dear Earth Mother and her dear people, creatures, forests, oceans, deserts, rivers, lakes, will not and cannot survive, unless the wildness and wisdom of the sacred feminine ways are sensitively and lovingly integrated, welcomed, honoured, accepted, remembered, reawakened, returned to, danced, celebrated and lived, as an inherent, integral and necessary facet of joy-filled daily life upon this Earth. She is calling, from a place of ever deepening stillness, she is singing in the heart of the tiny bird in the filthy gutter, the weeds between the cracks of the bitumen, the stagnant, once-sparkling streams, the glorious sunset beyond the polluted skies.

   We must listen to the Indigenous Elders of this Earth, we must call upon the wise ones, we must integrate their wisdom and their inherent oneness with all of nature, before all of nature disappears and those who remain are living in shock at what our destructive, greedy, selfish world has cast upon this blessed Earth. We must return to the womb of the feminine and to the womb of the Earth.

   Her wild and wise and mysterious womb is singing her gentle yet powerful song of peace and love. Are you listening to her song, right now, this moment? Within the sacred mystery of this precious moment, when you are driving through heavy traffic, rushing for the bus or train, preparing a meal, digging in your garden, placing flowers in a vase, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, menstruating, birthing, sleeping, making love, journeying through menopause, are you inviting her into your heart? Are you returning to the sacred feminine? Are you returning to the Earth?

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Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the Earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and courageous writer whose creative work features in many international websites and magazines and her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires. Sophia is the author of two books, WOMB OF WISDOM, THE SACRED JOURNEY OF MENOPAUSE and HEART OF THE EARTH, NURTURING THE SACRED FEMININE. Both of these books can be ordered directly from sophia@wildheartwisdom.com

Email: sophia@wildheartwisdom.com
Website: www.wildheartwisdom.com

Sophia offers two courses at the Wise Woman University:

~ Being Woman ~ (detailed description of Being Woman online course)

This six week online course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. "...so blessed to have had gentle words of encouragement and support from you through the "Being Woman" course at W.W.U.... You have inspired me to continue my quest... Thanks so much!"

~ Dawning of Wisdom ~ (detailed description of Dawning of Wisdom online course)

Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation.

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