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by White Feather

Just this passed week we have gone from 60 degree weather to a now 19 degrees and still below a good snow level for the reservoir. Seems everyone has a weather event story to tell. Our beloved Jersey Shore has taken a new look and folks out in the dakotas are suffering 50 degrees below.

Earth changes are upon us. This is what we heard was going to happen. Well here we are in the thick of it and we need all our internal resources to draw upon as well as our collective humor.

Do you have a wishing stone
a wishing stone
a wishing stone
do u have a wishing stone
that comes from earth or sea?

Many moons ago, about 30 years past, I learned about a wonderful gift Mother Earth bestowed upon her children. It is a stone, it fits in the palm of your hand, it has a complete ring around it,it can be several rings or one large one, it must have a complete circle.

This is a unique way to also be present and send your gratitude to the stone with your intention of bringing something into your life. It may be a new job, a new lover, peace on earth and no suffering.

Think big. By offering your gift of gratitude for this thought generated intention you are both honoring yourself and keeping the teachings of peace alive you will be amazed at the results.

I can share a story when we were hosting Keewaydinoquay at the Green Nations Gathering some twenty years or so ago. We both had the opportunity to attend the late Helen Nearing's class that she was teaching in Phoenecia, NY. At that time it was known as Pathwork Center. I know some of you reading this story were there.

Anyway at the beginning of class Helen Nearing placed a small stone in her mouth while the students were gathering, she was moistening her mouth before the class began. She began by talking about a wishing stone she had used to obtain her farm in VT when Scott and she were just beginning to think of leaving NYC and moving to the Maine farm where they lived for so long.

It was wishing on the stone with the circle around it that she spoke of had helped manifest their dream. Ok, I said to myself, I know just where I have one and I do need some manifesting with a car. I recall have learned about the wishing stone at our Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge some years previously from  Grandmother Twylah.

I was using a rental that weekend to have available as Keewaydinoquay was staying with me during her visit and my car was just not doing the trick. After the wonderful weekend of which leaves fond memories. No sooner had we retuned home that I made that grateful intention of finding an economical Volvo (love Volvos, still drive one 25 years later).

I began to gratefully place the intention 3 days later just as soon as I returned the rental, got into my old car, drove down the road and there at the light at the store was a Volvo with a sunroof, as intended. Brought my mechanic, checked it  out, buy this car! Great deal, great car, grateful!

Now of course you will note this was a mere material manifestation, the end result is just that, endless. As I said, think big.

I learned about this technique from my elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, She
whose Voice Echoes on the Four Winds, passed along through the ages we trust you nourish your wise one within and gifts as an earthwalker.

We learn to Honor Truth this cycle. Take time each day and honor who you are, your ancestors, and the ancestors of the land where you reside

See you next month. if you would like to learn more contact me at: wfeather@catskillmountainherbals. Visit the website: catskillmountainherbals.com

White Feather

White Feather (o' ah dah gah gen), was initiated into the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Seneca Indian Historical Society by her elder and mentor Yehwehnode-2-Wolves, Twylah Nitsch.

She is Certified directly by Grandmother Twylah to teach and spread the wisdom wheel teachings to as many people who are eager to learn. She is the author of the Seven Directions Movement Meditation book and DVD. White Feather has been a holistic nurse for over 30 years, dancer, Buddhist practitioner, herbalist and founder of Catskill Mountain Herbals.

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