MARCH 2016
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Healing Wise ...
with Susun Weed

Travels and Spring Equinox

Green Greetings as we swoop into Equinox!

As the wheel of the year comes briefly to rest at Spring Equinox, so I rest in mid-leap: returning from Costa Rica and readying to go to Italy.

Returning from Costa Rica, I have photos to share. Look at that lush landscape. Now add caring, interesting people devoted to growing and sharing plants for medicine and food and you have the fabulously fun Medicines form the Edge Conference, where I just had the honor of teaching about beautiful hibiscus, and lowly sida or broomweed – a common weed that can neutralize pit viper venom. I also discussed the many ways our gut flora influences our health, and opinined on why I like some GMOs. Needless to say, many lively conversations ensued. If you are dreaming of going to Costa Rica and my week-long adventure on the Nicoya Peninsula each January isn't right for you, consider attending this premier herbal conference. It is held at a thermal spa, with hot pools right in the jungle.


Readying to go to Italy, I have no photos yet, only images in my head: shrouds, gondolas, Amalfi coast views, lemon groves, the Alps, heaps of good food. I will be looking for my weedy friends in the Swiss Alps as well as along the Italian coast.   After teaching in Turin (at the Indigenous Elders Conference – where I am thrilled to be on the same program with Michel Odent, a true wise woman), I go to Geneva to renew my friendship with Rina Nissim. Not only is she a dear sister for more than thirty years, and an accomplished herbalist with several books to her credit, she is the publisher of the French edition of my book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. After Switzerland, I return to Italy for three days in Venice and then three more days to explore the coastal territory between there and Rome. This is my first visit to magical Italy.
See you when I get home.

In the Shadow of the Volcano - Photos from Costa Rica

Little Waterfall
This idyllic scene is right by a busy bridge with traffic roaring past. The sugar cane harvest was in full swing and huge trucks of cane were hurtling over the stream, which went on its cheerful way with never a care to the traffic.

The Day of the Orchids
A rotten stump is home to a huge clutch of orchids, which only bloom for one day out of the year. Lucky us, we were there on the day of the bloom. Forgive me for taking so many pictures. The individual flowers were bigger than my hand and there were hundreds of them. Wow!

Gigantic Fiddleheads
I included my toes in the composition so you could get an idea of the enormous size of these fiddleheads. All the plants seem to tower in the tropics, with huge leaves and ferns of all sizes dripping down and springing up.

Scented Lily
We arrived at our cabin at Thermales del Bosque in the twilight and were greeted with an enticing scent. The next morning I spotted this deliciously fragrant lily just out our back door, by the goose pond.

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